Joanna Lumley tops over 50s poll as most favourite travel companion

New research reveals that the over 50s have exotic tastes when it comes to travel.

35% of over 50s said that Joanna Lumley would be their favourite travel companion, over Michael Palin, at 25%.

The Ab Fab star even beat off crooner, Michael Buble at 10%, and recently sacked, Jeremy Clarkson.

Miss Lumley says of the poll “I am thrilled and delighted to have been chosen and my next travel programme in China, Mongolia, Siberia and Russia (Joanna Lumley’s Trans Siberian Adventure) is just especially for all those sweet but absent travelling companions who voted for me, and who are in my thoughts wherever I go.”

Far from wanting a short hop over the channel for a European getaway, over a quarter of the poll (26%) of over 50s would choose Australia as their holiday destination, if money were no object.

Interestingly, Las Vegas came last in the poll with 4%, indicating the over 50’s Brits have put their gambling days behind them.

TV has a huge impact on destination choice and the popular BBC show Death in Paradise inspires 34% to travel to Guadeloupe. The grizzly goings-on in ITV hit Broadchurch comes a close second with 29%.

The stay-cation is still going strong as ITV’s Sunday night regular Downton Abbey draws 10% to Highclere Castle.

But only 1% would like a trip to Weatherfield in Yorkshire the home of Coronation Street.

Martin Lock, CEO says: “This survey shows that the over 50s are still looking for far flung adventure, and that TV programmes have a big impact on their decisions.

As for travel companions, I’d rather go with Michael Palin as my guide, but I’m sure my wife would rather travel with Michael Buble!”

[table caption=”The top 10 travel companions are:” width=”100%” colwidth=”8%|84%|8%” colalign=”left|left|right”]
1., Joanna Lumley, 35%
2., Michael Palin, 25%
3., Michael Buble, 10%
4., Len Goodman, 8%
5., Ben Fogle, 6%
6., Daniel Craig, 4%
7., Bear Grylls, 4%
8., Judith Chalmers, 4%
9., Jeremy Clarkson, 3%
10., Angelina Jolie, 2%


[table caption=”The top 10 travel destinations, if money were no object:” width=”100%” colwidth=”8%|84%|8%” colalign=”left|left|right”]
1., Australia, 26%
2., New Zealand, 23%
3., Hawaii, 12%
4., Fiji, 9%
5., Barbados, 8%
6., Alaska, 5%
7., Antartica, 5%
8., Iceland, 4%
9., Brazil, 4%
10., Las Vegas, 4%


[table caption=”The top TV programme locations as a holiday destination:” width=”100%” colwidth=”8%|42%|42%|8%” colalign=”left|left|left|right”]
1., Guadaloupe, Death in Paradise, 34%
2., West Bay in Dorset, Broadchurch, 29%
3., Highclere Castle in Berkshire, Downton Abbey, 10%
4., The Chilterns in Oxfordshire, Midsomer Murders, 7%
5., Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, Wolf Hall, 5%
6., Yorkshire Dales, Emmerdale, 5%
7., Benidorm, Benidorm, 4%
8., East End of London, Call the Midwife, 3%
9., Oxford Street in London, Mr Selfridge, 2%
10., Wakefield in Manchester, Coronation Street, 1%

The survey was carried out by and polled 1000 people.