Bogus Rural Telephone Calls

Hampshire Constabulary have received information from their colleagues at Wiltshire Police Rural Crime Team that an unknown male is telephoning rural residents across Wiltshire stating that he is a Police Officer requesting to speak with Landowners, Farmers and Keepers asking questions about vehicle security and marking products (Cesar, Data-Tag, Smartwater etc.)

In the conversation he has even stated he works for the Child Protection Unit and needed information about the premises for any child welfare when children attend such a premise.

He will even request donations for money for “Policing” causes. But when challenged the male hangs up the telephone.

Please may we remind you that the Police will never request money from you, we will not call you and ask for personal details, we would never cold call you to enquire about your security or the lay-out of your premises.

Please challenge anyone who calls and claims to be from Hampshire Constabulary, a genuine Police Officer will identify themselves and ask you to call 101 to check their identity.

We are expecting this male to attempt this scam in Hampshire so any telephone calls or unexpected visits/suspicious vehicles, or persons claiming to be from the Police please do not disclose any personal information and call 101 immediately to report it.

Please be reminded that when Police attend an address either in uniform or plain clothes, in a marked Police vehicle or unmarked vehicle please challenge us, request to see our identification and if in doubt call 101 and seek to establish if the person in front of you is a genuine Police Officer.

Hampshire Constabulary colleagues are professional and do not mind being challenged, the male who is pretending to be a Police Officer will either hang up or run!