Delivery requires precision planning

Precise planning and careful manoeuvring were the order of the day when a new piece of equipment arrived at ExxonMobil Fawley.

At 8m tall and 6m in diameter, the feed filter vessel will be installed on the site’s Residfiner unit, where crude oil products are processed to remove impurities.

When eventually filled with filtration sand, the vessel will weigh approximately 500 tonnes.

Getting the vessel to its destination required a detailed plan.

Fawley Project Engineer Ryan Worth explained: The vessel was delivered by sea from Belgium, across the Channel to Fawley Power Station dock.

Our challenge then was to get it safely to the site by road with as little disruption as possible.”

He added: “The filter was lifted from the dock by a 750-tonne crane onto a 48-wheeled, six-axle trailer where it was secured.

With the help of a vehicle escort, we then moved the vessel the short distance to the wide load gate at Fawley.

Once safely at its destination on site, the vessel was set down in a temporary storage area, ready to be lifted into place.

“Bringing a large piece of equipment to site always requires a great deal of teamwork and planning to make sure everything goes smoothly and, above all else, safely.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making sure the delivery of the filter vessel was executed flawlessly and with minimal road disruption.”

Pictured: The Residfiner feed filter vessel on its way to ExxonMobil Fawley.
Photography by J Stock Photography and Nick Dawe Photography