EastEnders’ Jay Clocks Phil Mitchell’s Stolen Car Scam

HPI is warning used car buyers to take a proper ‘butchers’ at any ‘haddock and bloater’ to avoid being out of ‘sky rocket’

In the current EastEnders storyline, Jay the mechanic faced a huge dilemma – should he blow the whistle on Phil Mitchell’s used car con or keep shtum?

The infamous Mitchell brother has done a ‘jellied eel’ putting unsuspecting car dealer, Max Branning in the frame for selling the stolen stock. HPI, provider of the HPI Check®, warns used car buyers to protect themselves from the risk of buying a stolen vehicle by conducting a vehicle history check at www.hpicheck.com.

In the latest episode Max Branning decided to take the risk and sell the batch of stolen cars off the forecourt of second-hand dealership ‘Deals on Wheels’ which have been overhauled to hide their dodgy past.

Although car dealer, Max Branning bought the vehicles in good faith, he has discovered their murky pasts and has decided not only to put his customers at risk but he could face a prison sentence.

And if any of the cars are repossessed by the police, the buyer could lose the car and all their money, when the vehicle is returned to the rightful owner.

“With more than 30 cars each day checked with HPI by unsuspecting buyers turning out to be recorded as stolen with the Police, the latest EastEnders storyline is more fact than fiction,” explains Neil Hodson, Managing Director for HPI.

“Buying a stolen vehicle is a very real risk for used car buyers.

Real life fraudsters, like Phil Mitchell, continue to use more sophisticated methods to hide the true identity of stolen vehicles and fool consumers into parting with their hard-earned cash.

We advise people to conduct an HPI Check to understand if the car has any hidden history to ensure they can walk away before any harm is done.”

The HPI Check includes a mileage check against the National Mileage Register as standard, now with over 200 million mileage readings.

HPI also confirms whether a vehicle is currently recorded as stolen with the police, has outstanding finance against it or has been written-off, making it the best way for consumers to protect themselves from fraudsters looking to make a fast profit.

In addition, the HPI Check offers a £30,000 Guarantee* in the event of the information it provides being inaccurate, offering added financial peace of mind to used car buyers.