We would like to apologise to our neighbours for any noise resulting from a steam leak that has developed on one of our larger units at the Fawley Refinery and Petrochemical plant.

We are planning to shut down the unit and repair the leak as soon as practicable, but in a large and complex industrial plant such as Fawley, such an operation can take a number of days to complete.

Unfortunately, the recent weather and wind direction has not helped, as the noise has been directed towards Holbury, when the prevailing South Westerly wind would normally direct it away.

We recognise that noise can be annoying to our neighbours and would like to assure everyone that we are committed to resolving the issue as soon as practicable.

Anyone with any concerns or question about operations at Fawley should call ExxonMobil Community Affairs on 0238 892 511.

Additional Notes

  • The Fawley refinery and petrochemical plant is the largest in the UK and one of the most complex in Europe. Situated on Southampton Water, it has a mile-long marine terminal that handles around 1,900 ship movements and 22 million tonnes of crude oil and other products every year.
  • The refinery processes around 270,000 barrels of crude oil a day and provides 20 per cent of UK refinery capacity.
  • The chemicals plant is world-scale and produces about 800,000 tons of petrochemicals annually. It is also one of the few places in the world to produce pharmaceutical-grade rubber.
  • Approximately 1,800 people work at the site during routine operations.