Statement updated on Monday 23rd April.

Unfortunately, the steam leak on one of our units continues.

Again, we apologise to our neighbours for the additional noise resulting from the steam leak that is coming from one of our utilities units at the Fawley Refinery and Petrochemical plant.

We still plan to shut down the unit and repair the leak as soon as practicable and want to assure our neighbours that we are working this as a priority.

Unfortunately, the recent weather and wind direction has not helped, as the noise has been directed towards Holbury, when the prevailing South Westerly wind would normally direct it away.

We fully understand that the noise can be annoying to our neighbours and would like to reaffirm that we are committed to resolving the issue as soon as practicable.

Anyone with any concerns or question about operations at Fawley should call ExxonMobil Community Affairs on 0238 892 511.