Fawley Church Takes A Fence

The refinery has donated £13,000 for a new, hand-crafted oak fence and gate for All Saints’ Church, Fawley.

The old fence had been installed in 1930, at a cost of £94-4s-6p!

Although this now sounds ridiculously cheap, it would have represented six months of an average salary.

In the original quote, Mr W Ravenscroft of Milford on Sea said: “The entrance gates including the side gate posts etc. and the lamps for electric light I could get well done for £35-15-0.

The fencing I could get done for £45-2-0, but if the lower part were in cleft oak close and not all spaces you must add £6-3-0.

And if you have a brick edging or concrete between posts to keep earth back add £9-4-6.

May I add that I think these prices are quite reasonable.”

The new fence was crafted by local landscape consultants, Upcher & Co.

At the installation ceremony, Reverend Barry James, vicar of All Saints, said that the refinery had built a new fence to keep people out but he hoped that the church’s new fence would encourage people to come in!

He added: “Thank you to ExxonMobil from all of the people who love this church.

Without the financial help of ExxonMobil, the 1930 fence would still be there, but keeling over!”

Refinery Manager, Kevin Hobbs, responded: “Our relationship with the church goes back all the way to the inauguration of the facility.

This is a beautiful church, rich in history, and we’re happy to have had a chance to work with you.”