Welcome to the tour of Fawley oil refinery.

You are about to step inside one of the biggest machines in the UK. It turns crude oil into valuable products like:

  • petrol, diesel and jet fuel
  • heating oil, lubricating oil and bitumen
  • plastics and nylon.

The refinery takes in thick, black crude oil from the North Sea and the Middlle East. This arrives by sea tanker and is stored in huge tanks.

The oil is split into fractions by heating it to 360°C in distillation columns. Each fraction is treated further and leaves the refinery by road, rail, underground pipe or sea. The refinery:

  • covers 3,250 acres of land
  • contains more than 330 giant tanks
  • has towers taller than football pitches
  • employs 1400 people regularly with 900 permanent staff
  • spends over £65 million every year in the local community.

To visit the tour follow this link.