Hythe Police would like to warn all local residents of a recent telephone scam involving persons purporting to be from HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue and Customs).

Callers are asking for iTunes vouchers or people to withdraw cash in order to pay a supposed unpaid tax bill.

• Never give out any personal information about your bank account to anybody over the phone, the police and any other professional organisation such as HMRC, banks etc. will NEVER EVER ask you for these types of details.
• If the caller asks you to ring them back so you can be sure of their identification, hang up and call the company they are claiming to be from using a different phone. If you can’t use a different phone, wait at least five minutes before calling back.
• If you have given out information which could compromise your bank account security in any way, call your bank up to cancel your cards as soon as possible.
• Never hand over money to someone at the door to be sent off elsewhere.

• If someone comes to your door claiming to be from a company or organisation, always ask for identification and make a note of their identification number. Ask them to wait while you verify their identity. Close the door, find the number of the company they claim to be from a phone book or your own directory, and call the company to verify their ID.
Consider using the Priority Services Register to set up a password for callers from utility companies. Contact your supplier to talk about this simple process, and it’s free.

Anyone who is concerned about similar incidents should contact police by calling 101. If a crime is in progress, please call 999.

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Hythe Neighbourhood Police Team