Horse-Riding is the Top Fantasy First Date!

If you want to seduce a woman, bring a mare with you because new research by, the UK’s top married dating site, shows that horse-riding is the top fantasy first date. 300 women on the site were asked what their ideal first date was and the most popular choice was ‘horse riding’ with 37% of the votes, beating ‘cinema’, ‘sailing’, ‘candle lit dinner’ and ‘drinks in a pub’.

“When women think about their ideal first date they associate passion and exciting things with romantic success,” psychologist Lucy Redford said, “Although something very over-the-top like a flight to Paris is intimidating and too extravagant, something active like horse-riding takes your mind off the pressure of a first date, it’s fun and shows you’ve put thought into the date because it requires more effort than a few pints in the local.

Horses are also associated with wealth, which in itself is attractive, and require a lot of attention and care – and most women look for an attentive, caring man.”

“I am quite surprised that the cinema was the second most popular date,” Claire Page, spokesperson for said, “Although it’s low-key and it takes the pressure off making great conversation, it can be quite awkward sitting in the dark with someone you don’t know very well.

There’s something incredibly romantic about riding a horse alongside a lover, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s the number one fantasy first date. Hollywood has glamorised horse-riding with movies like Seabiscuit, Hidalgo, Something to Talk About and All the Pretty Horses, and there’s something incredibly passionate about darting into the wind on a horse – it’s liberating and exciting.”

‘Horse riding’ scooped 37% of the votes, beating ‘cinema’ (21%), ‘sailing’ (16%), ‘candle lit dinner’ (13%) and ‘drinks in a pub’ (9%). The least popular first dates were hot air balloons trips (2.5%), a football match (2.5%), a trip to a museum (2%), a massage (1.5%), a trip abroad (1%), fringe stand-up comedy (1%) and shopping (0.5%).