New Forest Pony hit and run

Hampshire Police are appealing for any information regarding a New Forest pony that was involved in a Hit and Run incident

Warning over computer phone scam

Hampshire Constabulary have been made aware of further reports of a scam where someone claiming to be from a computer software company – usually Microsoft – is cold calling people locally.

Bogus Rural Telephone Calls

Hampshire Constabulary have received information from their colleagues at Wiltshire Police Rural Crime Team that an unknown male is telephoning rural residents

Don’t wash raw chicken

We want to protect you and your family from food poisoning in your own home, particularly when handling chicken. So we're saying: 'Don’t wash raw chicken'.

Ticket Scams warning

Fraudsters regularly offer tickets for music festivals and popular sporting events scheduled for the summer.

Forest residents benefit from kerbside glass scheme

More than 77,000 New Forest households now have access to kerbside glass collections following the successful roll-out of the scheme by New Forest District Council.

Adobe and LinkedIn Phishing Emails

Current spam email campaigns are trying to infiltrate or infect email accounts by pretending to come from either Adobe or LinkedIn Support.

Hedge Cutting And Nesting Birds

With only one month to go until our native song birds start making their nests in our garden hedgerows we need to take action during February to ensure that all our hedges and trees are cut back before March.

Top safety tips to help avoid job scams

Get Safe Online, Safer Jobs and Action Fraud are warning people to take precautions whilst looking for jobs online, to avoid falling victim to scammers.

Male domestic abuse survey launched

Men suffering domestic abuse in long-term relationships with other men are urged to complete a domestic abuse survey to help develop support services for themselves and others.