Multicultural Festival 2015 at Applemore College

Applemore students enjoyed a vibrant day of Multicultural Activities during their Personal Development and Learning (PDL) day last week.

The school was alive with music, dance, art, sport, and cooking from all around the world.

Deputy Head Teacher, Carol Eskriett who organised the day explains that “the aim of the event was to raise awareness of different cultures by giving the students hands on experience of activities that celebrate diversity”.

Students from Year 7 to Year 10 took part in 21 workshops run by visiting experts throughout the day. Activities included Aboriginal Art, Mexican Cooking, Steel Pan Drums, Graffiti and Japanese.

A particular favourite during the day was African Art. Kwame Bakoji-Hume from African Activities ( showed the students how to paint crowds of African people, with fantastic results. Lolly, who attended the workshop was amazed, explaining “it is so easy to paint a good picture the way Kwame teaches us”.

Josh Holmes and Ben Patten enjoying African Drumming
Josh Holmes and Ben Patten enjoying African Drumming

New musical instruments were discovered, with many trying the Indonesian Gamelan, which is an ensemble of metallophones played with mallets and hand drums called kenghang. The most noise was made, however, in the African Drumming workshop!

Applemore students and staff would like to thank everyone who came in to share their culture.

The views of the whole school community are represented by Year 7 student Amy’s comments ”It was a brilliant day!” but her specific highlight involved the variety of food available… “Paella should be served in the canteen every day!”