New Forest Local Neighbourhood Policing Teams Tackling Knife Crime With Amnesty Bins

Our local Neighbourhood Policing Teams are seeking to tackle and reduce knife crime across the New Forest; with officers involved in Operation Sceptre activity this week – which is our approach to knife crime.

This a police priority and we are always working to tackle violence.

Yet sadly, every victim who loses their life to serious violence or knife crime has a family, and that family is left without a son or daughter, father or mother, uncle or auntie, nephew or niece.

The ripples of serious violence and knife crime are far reaching, it effects the victims, their families, and our local communities.

We are working tirelessly with local partners, including our communities, to tackle serious violence and knife crime.

As part of our plans this week, there will be a number of knife amnesty bins placed within the community; aimed at allowing those who carry knifes to surrender them in the safety of knowing that no further action would be taken against them.

We want to ensure our streets are a safe place to be and deter those carrying knifes.

Knife amnesty bins will be in these locations on these dates:

  • Monday 28 – Sunday 2 May; Lymington Police Station (8am-12pm and 1-4pm)
  • Wednesday 28 April; Morrisons, Totton (12pm) / Co-Op on Salisbury Road, Totton (2pm)
  • Thursday 29 April; Asda in Totton (11am) / Tesco in Calmore (2pm)
  • Friday 30 April; Co-Op on Salisbury Road (11am) / Morrisons in Totton (2pm)
  • Saturday 1 May; Haigh Street, New Milton (9.30am – 4pm)

Silence will not stop violence. You are our eyes and ears out here and your role in helping us help protect you, is vital. If you notice unusual activity in your street, or you are concerned about someone carrying a knife, please let us know, either by calling 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.