Olympian Sharron Davies and local stroke survivor champion Step out for Stroke in Southampton

Olympian Sharron Davies and local stroke survivor champion Step out for Stroke in Southampton.

Sharron Davies MBE, Olympic swimmer and TV presenter, is joining a local stroke survivor to champion the Stroke Association’s 2015 Step out for Stroke.

Sharron and Gloria are encouraging stroke survivors, their families, friends and supporters in Southampton to sign up to the sponsored walking event in East Park on the 6th June 2015.

Gloria Smith, from Sarisbury Green will be taking part on the 6th June with a group of family and friends. Gloria had a major stroke in November 2013 following a severe bout of shingles.

The virus attacked her brain resulting in a hemorrhagic stroke affecting her left side with complete paralysis.

Gloria said “With the help of my husband, family and friends I have come a long way in my recovery and can now walk again after a fashion and have regained some use of my left arm.

I am grateful to be alive to tell the tale! I’m proud to be walking to help other stroke survivors.

I’m also so grateful for the support I have received from family”

Sharron Davies said: “Stroke has affected my family so I’ve seen first-hand just how devastating its effects can be.

Step out for Stroke celebrates the achievements of stroke survivors as they walk alongside their friends and family, all while helping to raise vital funds for the Stroke Association.”

The Step out for Stroke event in Southampton will be part of a nationwide event where thousands of stroke survivors will be joined by family and friends to take some important steps. 72% of all stroke survivors have leg weakness after their stroke and many have to learn to walk again.

Often the Step out for Stroke is the first steps they take in public.

Sharron adds “Each walk is wheelchair accessible and suitable for any level of walking ability. Participants can walk at their own pace, in their own time.

Ultimately, Step out for Stroke celebrates the brave steps in a stroke survivor’s recovery.”

If you want to sign up and join Gloria in Southampton please visit www.stroke.org.uk/stepout.

Gloria has raised over £700 for the Stroke Association, you can support her by visiting her just giving page at www.justgiving.com/Gloria-Smith1/.