Pigs on the Run

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At midday on Sunday 25th January 2015, 200 pigs were let loose from their pens on Badminston Drove, near Fawley in the New Forest.  Several male youths with dogs were seen running away from this location prior to Police arrival.

All the pigs were rounded up and returned to their holdings. The pigs were extremely close to a major national speed limit road, the possibilities and consequences of the pigs getting onto this road does not bear thinking about.

Pigs live in a hierarchy and due to the number of pigs released and mixed up, it’s unfortunate and inevitable that some of these pigs will not survive the next 24 hours.

Due to this mindless act many innocent pigs will suffer.

If you witnessed any male youths with dogs in this location and can provide any additional information about this incident please call the Police on 101 quoting 44150027599.