It’s all ‘systems go’ for business change at Hampshire County Council

The largest and biggest business and IT change Hampshire County Council has implemented in recent times has been heralded a success.

Driven by the need to reduce costs by more than £200m, the County Council set about building a system that would put it a strong position to provide shared and sold corporate services.

The new model was essential to underpin the joint working partnership with Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service – the first collaboration of its kind in England.

The resulting Integrated Business Centre (IBC) has now been successfully delivered – providing savings to partners of around 20%. The IBC deals with back-office services such as payroll, purchasing, recruitment and HR functions. It also offers more self-service opportunities to the 52,000 staff across the three organisations, as well as 500 schools.

Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council said; “Having to remove more than £200m of our expenditure by 2016, with least impact on front line services, means we have had to dramatically change the way we do business.

The IBC, which was funded from invest to save reserves, is exactly the kind of modernisation that is driving out efficiencies, through shared back-office functions and making significant longer-term savings.”

The IBC now represents a model that the Council can offer to other public sector partners. Oxfordshire County Council is due to come on-board later this year.

The progress and success of the IBC was reported to Members of the Council’s Audit Committee, on 5 February – charged with ensuring that the Council continues to deliver value for money and apply good governance.

The Committee commended the programme of change as excellent progress and recognised it was a model for the Council’s Transformation to 2017, under which the Council must drive out further revenue savings of around £100m.