Ticket Fraudsters Operating Using Social Media

Be aware that fraudsters are actively using social media to source pictures of event tickets that people have posted on their accounts.

People who take pictures of their tickets before they actually attend an event, and post them on social media website, are actively being sought by fraudsters. The fraudsters are then using these pictures to make counterfeit copies.

Fans may not be aware of how much information there actually is on a ticket; this usually includes their name and the barcode used to gain entry to the venue.

Fraudsters copy the barcode from the tickets and make dozens of counterfeit copies which are then sold to other victims through so called “safe” ticket resale platforms. If you buy one of these tickets you will be refused entry into a venue.

To prevent this from happening it is essential that fans do not post pictures of tickets before events anywhere on the internet.

Protect yourself against ticket fraud:

  • Always check with the event organiser for official ticket outlet details.
  • Pay for tickets by credit card – the card issuer is jointly liable for a failure for goods or services to be provided, as long as the price of a single ticket is more than £100.
  • If you are unsure about a website, contact the event organiser or venue and ask if the website is an official seller of tickets for the event you wish to purchase tickets for.
  • Be cautions of making advance payments via bank transfer, money transfer or e-money vouchers.
  • Do not post pictures of purchased tickets onto social media sites.