Young Author’s Achievement in National Competition

Catherine Walch, a Year 8 student from Applemore College, was delighted to hear that she was one of only 3,800 budding authors to go through to the second round of judging in the BBC Radio 2 500 Words story competition.

This is an amazing achievement as the Radio 2 Team said “The competition was fierce, with a record 120,000 entries this year”.

Catherine’s story ‘Through the Eyes of Emily Wibbleton’ tells of how Emily (certainly no ordinary girl) took her one true friend Colonel Tom (a stinky, scraggy alley cat) to show and tell at school, on the day of a school inspection, with interesting results!

Catherine explains that she developed Emily’s character whilst watching “a really very exceedingly skinny lady and her equally skinny dog who march about where I live” and that she wanted to include an animal in her story, but not a pet, so a fat tabby alley cat seemed perfect.

Catherine Walchs – Applemore College Student

Catherine says “It’s a shame that I was only allowed 500 words, I kept running over and had to cut bits out, it seems like a lot but really isn’t.

It didn’t take long to write, twenty minutes maybe?”

Catherine has just found out that unfortunately her story has not been selected to be one of the final 50 in her age group, but she says “I’m so glad I entered, it has given me confidence to enter more competitions now, despite the fact that I didn’t win this one”.

Through the Eyes of Emily Wibbleton

Emily Wibbleton was no ordinary girl. I ask you, would an ordinary girl wear 3-D glasses because they look futuristic? I don’t think so. Would an ordinary girl eat jam and nutella sandwiches? No way Ho-say.

No, Emily was different. And liked it that way. She had many acquaintances, you know the sort, yes Jemima, no Elizabeth, three bags full Mary Jane. However, she only had one true friend. Colonel Tom, the fat tabby cat, living in a dustbin set in a mossy alleyway. She chatted to Tom every day, telling him about everything under the sun and universe. She decided to take him in to show and tell. So much more interesting than anything else her class had brought in. A fossil? Are you kidding?

So one particularly sunny morning, Emily was bounding down the path to Tom, a cardboard box under her arm and a stinky bag of fish in her hand. The stench grew more and more strong in the morning warmth as she approached him.

“Tommy, guess what?” she exclaimed. “You’re coming to school with me! How great! How fab! How utterly wondrous!” And ten seconds later, Tom was stuffed in the box, tangled in Emily’s jumper and swamped in fish bites. Smelling worse than ever now. When they arrived at school, Emily remembered yesterday’s assembly. She had been picking glue out of her hair whilst Mrs Stringly babbled on about the school inspector and neat hair, uniform and bright smiles. “Right children, best behaviour!” she suddenly boomed, making Emily jump, “I’m sorry” she said “I didn’t quite catch that…” Now, she tucked back her hair and brushed her cat-hairy trousers down then approached the building, the box bouncing with every step.

“Now, now devil – I mean children.” Mrs Stringly yelped. “Settle down. Emily, is that your project? Place it next to me now there’s a good girl. Oh!” she gasped, wrinkling her nose. “What an interesting…scent?” Just as a tall thin man strode in, brandishing a clipboard and dressed in a tight tweed suit and suede shoes. The Tweed Inspector had arrived!

Soon they were all sitting in a circle, excepting Mr Tweed, who hovered in a corner, nibbling a pen. “Who wants to go first?” Mrs Stringly asked. And if Emily’s hand had flown up any quicker it would have come off. “Me Miss!” she shrieked. But as soon as she released Colonel Tom, he raced over to Mr Tweed and sank his claws into his suit.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” He screamed, practically shattering the windows – then paused. He and Tom locked eyes and violin music started playing and doves flew in and circled them. They were in love. Man and fat cat were united. Tom was adopted and though Emily would miss him terribly, he was happier now. She won the show and tell award! And the furry Tom, the tweedy man and the jammy, ever so slightly nutella-ry Emily all lived happily ever after.

By Catherine Walch,  Aged 13.