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Hampshire Helpline for the most vulnerable residents

The Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline – Hantshelp4vulnerable – can be contacted on 0333 370 4000.

ExxonMobil Fawley
Thursday 26th March, 2020

Fawley Refinery was built in 1951 to ensure fuel resilience for the UK and has been a critical part of the UK’s national infrastructure ever since. This has never been as important as it is now as nations across the Globe try to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Fawley is committed to helping meet the country’s fuel needs, so medical staff and care providers can get to work, emergency services can stay mobilised, and the stream of vital supplies to hospital, medicines to pharmacies, and food and groceries to supermarkets, can continue. Our products are transported by pipeline well beyond our local community, to terminals serving the whole of London and the South East of England, the West Country, South Walesand the Midlands – a very large proportion of the UK population.

Government has reinforced the necessity for a reliable supply of fuel as a critical need for our country and Fawley management are in active and regular contact with them as we rise to the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Our workforce, both employees and contractors, are vital key workers in keeping the country supplied. There is a requirement to balance the critical need for our products and services, with the Government’s guidance designed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing is now expected by all our staff as it is in everyday life.

Much of our workforce is now working from home to minimise the risk of virus transmission. We have other staff in operationally vital roles which cannot be completed from home, many of which are critical to the safe, secure, continued operation of the Fawley site.

Collectively, at Fawley, we will do our best to honour our commitment to continue to supply national infrastructure with our products. We are thankful for the huge efforts made by our own workforce; alongside the relentless hard work shown by those in the NHS and other critical services and providers.

Scam about Coronavirus

Trading Standards have reported scammers tempting people to click on email links or open email attachments sent from people they don’t know — this time using Coronavirus information to tempt them.

Never click on a link or open an attachment sent from people you don’t know and stay safe!


Information to local residents

about the Fawley Refinery and Petrochemical complex

Some of Fawley’s processing units will be shut down from Saturday 8th February 2020 as part of a scheduled maintenance activity.  The work is expected to take around ten weeks to complete.  Parts of the programme will necessitate 24 hour working.  In addition there may be a temporary increase in traffic movement around the Fawley site.

During the work there may be occasions that the background noise may change and be different from historical norms.  This will be monitored and steps will be taken to minimise background noise as far as possible.

At the beginning and end of this planned activity there may be some additional flaring.  This is a safe and essential part of the operation.

We will be taking all practical measures to limit any inconvenience to our neighbours.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the ExxonMobil Fawley site on:

023 8089 2511 (24 hours)

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